Monsanto’s Dirty Dozen

Monsanto’s Dirty Dozen

Myth: If you can buy it, it must be safe.

Truth: Everything recalled by the USDA/FDA, etc. is first approved by the USDA/FDA, etc. Many chemicals seem safe at first until years of exposure pass and populations with high rates of cancer or abnormalities present. Chemicals, GMO foods, etc. are not tested on humans (for obvious ethical reasons). We are the test group.

When people refer to genetically modified foods, they aren’t referring to a pear tree and an apple tree being spliced together…the types of genetic engineering that go into GE & GMO crops create much darker problems. And in step with “Big Oil” and “Big Banks,” now “Big Agriculture” (Monsanto) has infiltrated our judicial system, this time putting themselves above the law with HR 933, the rider known as “The Monsanto Protection Act.”  Click “Read More” above for the full article of a historical look at Monsanto.


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