Dry Shampoo Recipe and Instructions

Dry Shampoo Recipe and Instructions

Lately I have been hearing a lot about dry shampoos.   As a producer of solid shampoo and other “unusual” low-waste products, I felt it only fair that I try this out for myself.  To my surprise, using dry shampoo every other day (and my normal bar shampoo and conditioner on the other days) works really well for me, I will continue to use it in this way.  My hair is too oily to go 2 days without washing, but not oily enough to wash every day, so it’s a perfect every-other-day tool for me. It absorbs and removes oil and leaves my hair feeling and looking healthy.

Though not the end-all in hair care for me, it could be particularly useful for people with chemical sensitivities.  It could also be helpful for those who are bedridden or can’t get comfortably in and out of a shower, and even just on camping trips where there are no showers.  The cost is another bonus – the ingredients are very inexpensive.


This is the recipe I’ve been using, found from a link from Five Seed’s Facebook page (www.facebook.com/5seed):

2 parts corn starch

1 part corn meal

1 part baking soda

A pinch of cocoa powder to darken the mixture (optional)

How to use:

Mix the ingredients well (I put in a container and shake).  Pour about 1-2 tbsp into your hands and apply liberally to dry hair.  I apply it on my scalp and use my fingertips to disperse it well. I usually do this over the bath tub.

Leave in hair ~5 minutes.

Brush or comb hair well (over the tub works well).  I use a wide-toothed comb.

For me, once the shampoo is made, the actual shampooing process is much faster than washing, conditioning, drying and styling my hair.  It is also free of any harmful chemicals – on you or down the drain.


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