DIY Whipped Body Butter


Here is an easy way to make a creamy moisturizer without the hassle of emulsifiers or preservatives (Note, there is no water in this recipe,  so no need to worry about it growing bacteria).  The recipe comes from Life at Cobble Hill Farm, I have simply modified it slightly to hasten the process and added [...]

DIY Bath Salts


Bath salts are easy and affordable to make at home.  I prefer to keep the recipe simple and use epsom salt, although you may also mix in sea salt.  Epsom salt is composed of magnesium sulfate (MgSO4) and dissolves in water to release magnesium and sulfate ions.  Both ions are small enough to absorb through [...]

DIY Oatmeal Face Wash for Sensitive Skin


Oats are incredibly nutritious for our bodies and our skin.  Filled with vitamins, minerals, and a high concentration of colloidal and anti-inflammatory compounds, oats are well-known for treating eczema, acne, and other skin irritations.  Colloids in the oats act as a very mild surfactant to wash dirt away gently. For people with particularly sensitive skin, [...]

Monsanto’s Dirty Dozen


Myth: If you can buy it, it must be safe. Truth: Everything recalled by the USDA/FDA, etc. is first approved by the USDA/FDA, etc. Many chemicals seem safe at first until years of exposure pass and populations with high rates of cancer or abnormalities present. Chemicals, GMO foods, etc. are not tested on humans (for [...]

Goat Milk Soap


Goat milk contains vitamins, minerals and fats that make it a nutritious and skin-softening additive to soap and a great choice for people with dry skin or eczema. While milk itself has a neutral pH, the final soap is still, like all true soap, mildly alkaline.  It is not only wonderfully mild but is also [...]

Soaps vs Cleansers – Is One “Better” For Your Face?


The Sellwood Soap facial soap is the product that I receive the most positive feedback about – typically in the form of “Every other product dries out my skin, yours leaves my skin soft and never tight or dry!”  Many  customers have also struggled with acne and/or eczema until finding our products.  Their improvements seem [...]

Natural Oils as a Healthier Alternative to Lotions & Creams


Click here to read about the Sellwood Soap Face Oil. Face Oil? Haven't we been warned that putting oil on our face will clog pores, cause break-outs and otherwise wreak havoc on our complexion? Actually, applying botanical oils to the face has been done for thousands of years.  Most  are not only non-comodegenic, but also incredibly [...]

Dry Shampoo Recipe and Instructions


Lately I have been hearing a lot about dry shampoos.   As a producer of solid shampoo and other "unusual" low-waste products, I felt it only fair that I try this out for myself.  To my surprise, using dry shampoo every other day (and my normal bar shampoo and conditioner on the other days) works [...]

How to Make Powdered Laundry Soap


To purchase laundry soap bars online, visit Looking for an inexpensive and easy way to make homemade laundry soap?  This process takes about 10 minutes and you don't have to grate soap!  Homemade laundry soap is also very inexpensive to make and won't fade your clothes like detergents can. What you'll need:  1 Bar [...]