Welcome to SELLWOOD where we work together to create a better world.

When you use SELLWOOD bodycare products you’re making the choice to love to your body, care for your planet and support  your community.

Our Love For You

Whatever goes on your skin is absorbed into your body, just like the food you eat. That’s why we’re mindful about the ingredients we put into our products. Our products are truly 100% Natural, made with high-quality oils and plant substances. Our ingredients have nourishing properties for your skin and body and are free of synthetic, ingredients. Think of SELLWOOD bodycare products as food for your skin. It’s true that natural, hand made products take more time and care to produce – you’re worth it and we feel grateful to be able to offer them to you.

Our Care For The Planet

SELLWOOD bodycare products are safe for the planet. In order to lower costs and maximize profits traditional body care products are made with synthetic ingredients that are hard on the planet during manufacture and waste. What isn’t absorbed into the body gets washed down the drain returning to the water supply. Because our products are made with 100% natural plant based ingredients they do no harm to you or the environment. We continually improve our processes to achieve the lowest environmental footprint possible when developing, creating, and packaging our products.

Our Support Of The Community

As an Oregon Benefit Company, SELLWOOD works to support our community by giving back 5% of gross sales to organizations committed to creating good. We currently support New Avenues for Youth, not only with a percentage of sales, but with mentorship efforts that involve working with Portland’s homeless youth. Because we value community, we’re committed to finding ways to partner with other local businesses that are doing good for people and planet.

Product Partners

We work with some of the best companies in Portland and are proud of our partners. Not only are they leaders in community development but also in developing sustainable business practices. These are amazing companies that make some of the best products in their categories.

On a limited number of our soaps we incorporate their products and co-brand. Not only is this fun to do but these ingredients are also great for the skin. If you love their products in you, you’ll love them on you! Explore them below:

Wholesome Moisturizers

Traditional commercial moisturizers contain synthetic fragrances, synthetic colorants, toxic broad spectrum preservatives, and other petroleum based ingredients. Manufactures use these because they are inexpensive and make it easier to produce product in bulk.  Most of these ingredients are skin irritants and are eventually absorbed into the body.

You deserve more care and consideration for what’s offered to you to put on your body. We care, and our products reflect it. Whether you are working with a specific skin condition or looking to keep your body free of topical toxins, our moisturizers are free of preservatives and toxic chemicals. Explore our line to discover products expertly formulated to deliver skin health, maintenance and restoration.

Natural Gifts

What’s more natural than giving the gift of love? What’s more loving than giving the gift of Natural! We’ve put together a few special combinations for giving that perfect someone a gift that let’s them know you love them completely – because you would only give them wholeness.

Scent is the passageway to memory – if you’ve smelled our products, you know the transcendent experience of our other worldly essential oil blends and rest assured you’ll be remembered and appreciated for giving naturally.